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Custom container filling system packaging system
Release time: 2018-10-16
If one of your final products is a mixed or processed powder, it must be packed in a bulk bag, bucket, paper or plastic bag or other container. Your challenge is to put the product in any type of container or package:

Transfer the product from the process to the filling system, fill the final container to the required precision, process the product to allow the material to settle or degas to allow for efficient filling; how best to handle the filling package (roller conveyor, forklift, etc.) and design Fill the station to accommodate this type of treatment. Do not expose the operator or the environment to dust when filling the package, and handle the ergonomics of the filled package.

We have extensive experience in designing custom custom container filling systems. Most filling and packaging systems typically involve the operator manually smashing material from one container to another; we can serve a variety of containers (small and large) Design automation, highly accurate filling and packaging systems.
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