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Three external prevention functions of the ingredient packaging system
Release time: 2018-10-22
Ingredient packaging can delay product deterioration, maintain processing benefits, extend shelf life, and maintain or improve the quality and safety of ingredients; in doing so, the ingredient packaging system can prevent three major external influences: chemical, biological, and physical.

Chemical protection minimizes changes in composition caused by environmental influences such as exposure to gases (usually oxygen), moisture (gain or loss) or light (visible, infrared or ultraviolet). Many different packaging materials can provide a chemical barrier. Glass and metal provide an almost absolute barrier to chemical and other environmental factors, but few packages are purely glass or metal because of the addition of a closure to facilitate filling and emptying. The closure device can comprise a material that allows for minimal permeability. For example, the plastic cover has a certain permeability to gases and vapors, and the gasket material used in the lid to promote closure and the gasket material in the metal can lid allow for sealing after filling. Plastic packaging offers a wide range of barrier properties, but is generally more permeable than glass or metal.

Bioprotection provides a barrier to microbes (pathogens and modifiers), insects, rodents and other animals to prevent disease and corruption. In addition, biological barriers maintain conditions that control aging (maturation and aging). This barrier works through a variety of mechanisms, including preventing access to the product, preventing odour transfer, and maintaining the internal environment of the package.

Physical protection protects food from mechanical damage and includes shock and vibration encountered during buffer dispensing. Usually developed from cardboard and corrugated materials, physical barriers resist impact, abrasion and breakage, so they are widely used as shipping containers and packaging for delicate ingredients such as eggs and fresh fruit. Proper physical packaging also protects consumers from all kinds of hazards.
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