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Robot palletizing unit system advantage
Release time: 2018-10-29
The robotic palletizing unit has greater flexibility than the centralized palletizing machine. With the latest safety technology, the battery footprint is small and can be used at the end of the production line, which turns a group of machines into a small factory, eliminating long distances. The trouble of the conveyor entering the centralized system.

When introducing different housing sizes or changing the trunk format, simply change the program to reconfigure the robot. Operations managers like to reduce downtime, and marketing departments like to switch formats and add SKUs at the lowest cost. Modern fixture design means that other packaging formats such as large bags or beverage can trays are handled as easily as rigid cartons. Some advanced systems can even handle mixing trays, making them almost as flexible as the workers they replace.

Using palletizing robots can increase productivity, and indirect savings can be dramatic. As employees no longer hang, twist and bend, they can eliminate injuries and injuries associated with absenteeism. This means lowering the cost of damage – and OSHA estimates that the direct cost of helium is close to $50,000, and these costs can increase rapidly. Unplanned downtime is also eliminated, increasing equipment utilization and increasing production line throughput.

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