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Conveyor-type metal detectors are suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, toy and other industries to conduct impurity testing of products, which can be used for quality control inspection of semi-finished products, as well as for factory inspection of finished products, especially for various paper products. , non-metallic packaging products such as plastics and glass. The special design of the gold inspection machine structure can effectively avoid interference from external factors such as vibration, noise and product effects.

Metal detectors can identify a variety of magnetic and non-magnetic metals (such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.), even if the metal is embedded in the product. It can be used to inspect packaging and bulk materials for packaging.

The conveyor can be supplied with a belt conveyor or a modular chain conveyor, or the probe can be mounted directly on a sloping chute for detection.

Testing products: block products (including packaged products, such as bulk materials after packaging)

Use industry: food industry Pharmaceutical industry Recycling industry Hygiene products industry Other industries

Magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities can be detected, even if the metal is embedded in the product

Protect downstream equipment, reduce downtime, and reduce defective products

Protect product quality

Can recover the investment cost of the gold inspection machine in a short time

Channel metal detector:

Detect all magnetic and non-magnetic metals

Detection of bulk material

Material handling: free fall, pressure transfer, vacuum transfer, pumping, bulk column

Available in standard sizes for a wide range of pipe widths

Can be integrated into horizontal, vertical or inclined piping systems

RZ coil technology: no metal-free area is required for the installation site

The entire detection tube diameter can achieve the best detection effect

High stability and immunity: maximum adaptation to vibration, vibration and temperature changes

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