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Loading system

The loading system is used in refineries, chemical plants and some small and medium-sized oil depots to meet the automation control and management needs of various vehicle and train cranes. From billing sales, picking up, loading to outbound, accounting, and reporting, each link can have corresponding software and hardware functions support; system error automatic alarm, automatic operation record, can effectively prevent accidents and prevent operation The human error on the computer makes the operation and management more perfect.

Dynamically detect and display: flow, mass/volume, temperature, density and other parameters;

The management system is connected with PLC/DCS to display parameters such as tank level, temperature and volume in real time;

Display various types of alarm signals in real time and record in detail;

Management of trucks entering the warehouse, queuing the train, and leaving the warehouse;

Management of business settings, inquiries, statistics, invoicing, etc.;

Use IC card to realize "one card" and access control management functions;

The management system and the ERP system realize information and data sharing, and improve various management functions and macro-control.
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